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Stambry's Crescent Moon Soap Co. Inc. is owned and operated by it's founder Pamela Carousso and husband Steve Carousso

Stambry's was started by Pam over 16years ago. Pam's daughter Amber was allergic to everything on the market by way of soaps and other cleansing products.  Everything Amber used would make her skin cherry red and very very tight.

Through the help of a friend Pam learned to make soaps. From there and as Amber grew older, more products were needed for Amber's sensitive skin.  

As Pam made soaps then lotions at first just for Amber, it became an obsession. Making the products for friends and family members. After a year or so my friends and family had so many soaps that they suggested we start selling it.  With trepidition we signed up for a farmer's market at the park in Swanton Vt.  To her amazement not only did people buy it, they came back for more! Stambry's Bath & Beauty Products was born. The next year we joined the Northwest Farmers market at Taylor Park in St. Albans Vt.  Then it was the holiday craft fairs and more! Our product line grew as our customer base grew. 

After several years and as life changes Pam moved back to NH where she had lived for many years prior to living in Vt.  A friend Naomi Funchion (Crescent Moon Soap Co.) a fellow soap maker lived in the same area where she was moving to.  We decided that instead of being competition with each other we would join forces and take on the world together. We were to combine our businesses to form Stambry's Crescent Moon Soap Co.  Just prior to the move back to NH. Naomi passed away and left a deep hole in the hearts of many from family, friends and fellow soapmakers. 

Through the blessing of the family we continued with the merger of both companies.  However, because of the loss of Naomi, Pam couldn't quite bring herself to make much in the way of products.

Almost two years later, Pam met Steve Carousso. After trying some of the products, Steve became very excited, and helped to bring back Pam's passion for her products.  So now with Steve's help we not only bring you Stambry's Crescent Moon Soap Co. to the web, but our first "Brick and Mortar" shop located in downtown Quincy! 1359 Hancock St. Quincy Ma. 02169 (Next to the Quincy College Bookstore and walking distance of the Quincy Center T [red line]). We opened our store July, 2010.

We make our products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  We offer custom made products to meet any needs.  If you have an allergy or prefer not to use a certain oil, essential oil etc... we can certainly provide this service to you, usually at no extra cost. 

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